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Yoga teacher training

Bali & Thailand

Bali & Thailand

Becoming a better you

This experience will cover all the aspects of yoga through which you will be able to enjoy the yogi diet and the simple purification practices. Experiencing the yogi way of life will open your mind to ways through which you can consciously make an effort to change the aspects of your life that you are not happy with.

Learning the posture

There are certain factors that guide the perfect posture; they include the right physical method of yoga practice, different variations and prop support practice, developing a mental focus, the numerous health benefits, increase in energy as well as the positive psychological benefits.

Learning to become a confident instructor

With the assistance of the experienced instructors, the students will have several experience practicing being an instructor. This practice will help to develop confidence and other important aspects like holding space, voice training, and leadership skills among other features.

Support from colleagues

In our training programs, we are one and always ready to lend any form of support to any team member who needs it. It is important to carry everyone along in the training program for the best results. The small number of students provides the opportunity for a personal interaction with the instructors to get even better understanding.

The serene environment

The environment is just perfect to learn everything about yoga. It is a lot different from the modern cities choked up with car noise and cell phones ringing. You will have peace here. The accommodating and friendly nature of the natives will be very comforting and the unique blend of western lifestyle and the local living is simply amazing.

Bali is located in Ubud, this happens to be the cultural center of the island. Koh Phangan is a properly built small island located in the Gulf of Thailand.

Special features

The presence of the founding instructors will be regular in the establishment. They are Kirsten Reiss and Burkhard Langemann; they will always be available to give all the support necessary. This is possible because of the small number of students taken in during the program.

Evolution of practice

There are many benefits of the hatha yoga and over time with practice, the individual will begin to experience better strength and flexibility as well as a robust good health. A combination of the asana practice and meditation will take you down a path of self-discovery and building a positive mind.

Theoretical understanding of yoga

This program will use the basic principles of metaphysics and the original yoga theories to simplify the theoretical understanding of yoga. It will be easy to understand and put into practice by the students.
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